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Increasing Profits With Concord Property Management

There are countless benefits for Concord rental property owners who partner with property management services. One of the most significant is the increased profits and bottom-line ROI. If you’re still managing your portfolio alone, you may be wondering how partnering with a professional can really help, especially when it involves s...

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Common Pleasant Hill Property Management Problems

Pleasant Hill, California, is known for its many unique amenities including its schools, like John F. Kennedy University and Diablo Valley College. It’s also known for being wine country, with breathtaking nature views in almost every direction. The robust parks and recreation options in Pleasant Hill might just be an outdoor e...

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7 Things Renters Want Most In Martinez CA

As a rental property owner, you’re always looking for ways to attract new tenants to your Martinez rental property. One way to help target your efforts is to market the amenities your property has to offer that renters want most. Today, we’ll help by highlighting what the data suggests most renters want in today’s market...

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Concord, CA Attractions Worth Visiting More than Once

Concord, California, continues to be an attractive area to renters and those looking to venture outside the city. With unique venues offering a host of equally special experiences, residents often have plenty to do. But some of Concord’s most charming features are those attractions that are worth visiting more than once. And in many...

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How To Easily Handle Taxes For Your Rental Property

It’s that time of year again. Uncle Sam will soon be looking for his cut of your profits in 2020. Filing your taxes and handling the details with regard to your rental property will require certain steps following the guidelines of the IRS. And if you already have a tax professional on board to help you, you’ll likely be set w...

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How Property Management In Lafayette CA Increases Renters

Getting more renters for your Lafayette, CA, can be a challenging proposition. Whether you're just starting out as a property investor or are a seasoned veteran in the real estate business, you know that attracting rental applicants is a complex endeavor. Finding qualified, rent-paying tenants requires a bit more than a well-placed ad...

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5 Places to Get Your Retail Therapy Fix in Danville

There are plenty of reasons to consider moving to Danville, CA. The area is rich with history and conveniently close to metropolitan cities for work. There are parks and recreational areas perfect for afternoon strolls and family outings. And in addition to these unique Danville lifestyle perks, there are several places perfect for satisf...

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Some of Danville & San Ramon’s Most Popular Attractions

San Ramon, CA, continues to lure new residents every year, and for a variety of reasons. There are just certain amenities and unique perks that only life in San Ramon and Danville can offer. Today, we’ll highlight a few of the most popular attractions and excursions in these areas. These activities are always great tools for marketi...

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Which is Better to Own in San Ramon, CA: New Construction or Older Properties?

As you evaluate your rental property portfolio, you might be considering a growth strategy in the new year. The market in San Ramon, CA, is strong, and you may even have your eye on a few properties to buy. But before you make the investment, you might also be wondering if it’s better to own an older, existing property or new constr...

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How To Make Dublin CA Property Maintenance Easier

One of the most tedious, ongoing tasks, forever on your rental property ownership to-do list is maintenance. From seasonal contractor schedules to inspections and property upkeep, maintenance tasks can be time-consuming and costly. But there are some ideas to help streamline your efforts. Here are a few tips to making your Dublin, CA, ren...

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