4 Pleasant Hill Rental Property Maintenance Calls to Make This Fall

4 Pleasant Hill Rental Property Maintenance Calls to Make This Fall
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When decorating your Pleasant Hill rental property during Autumn, your choices are endless! Of course, it is also essential to maintain your home and check if all your appliances and sanitary systems are running. Property maintenance is crucial to ensure that your home is safe during this season and also well-prepared for the coming winter. 

Property maintenance not only helps you know if your property is in good shape but also helps you to seek professional help to fix broken appliances. So, what care tips and tricks should you opt for for your Pleasant Hill property? Let us check them out! 

1. Look For Leaks In Your Gutter and Roof

Your gutter and roof are common areas where fallen leaves and debris can clog up and create a mess. These can also disrupt the other pipeline systems and create a hassle. Take careful steps on the ladder and check the roof for loose tiles, clogged debris, and dead birds in your gutter. 

You can also carry a leaf blower to clear out any messes. For broken portions, take a professional’s help to fix the roof before winter hits. Clean up your gutter to ensure clean water flows into your home throughout the season. 

2. Check Your Insulation System

The autumn season reminds you that your house needs to be warm and cozy for the next few months. So is your home well-insulated? Check your walls to ensure that your Pleasant Hill property is in an optimal and livable atmosphere. In the attic, use insulation with R-Value from R30 to R60. Framed walls that are 2×4 inch require R13 to R15. Your 2×6 inch frame walls require R19 to R21. Floor joists require R25 to R30 and crawl spaces require R19 to R25. These walls should have 270mm thick loft insulation for the home to stay snug. You can seek an expert or a professional’s help to check these for you. 

Such levels of insulation not only ensure your property is comfortable during Autumn and afterwards as well. Not to forget, it also lowers your electricity bill and helps you save money. 

3. Stock Up On Winter Property Safety Supplies

The autumn season is the best time to secure your home against the harsh winters. So utilize it to buy some safety supplies, which you can use to repair minor issues. These can include:

  • Leaf blower
  • Pruner
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Mulcher
  • Fan rake
  • Leaf vacuum. Etc.

Using these can keep your home and its outdoors safe for you and all your neighbors. If you have bushes and a well-kept garden, this equipment can help you ensure their safety even during the cold season. It can keep your pavements’ seal gaps clean and prevent building-ups that harm the property’s aesthetics. 

4. Clean Up Your Driveway

Here is how you can clean up your driveway:

  • Use polyurethane caulk to seal concrete joints on your pavement. Doing so will help the cracks fill against snow and water deposition during the coming winter. 
  • Caulk can also seal any cracks on the driveway to make it safer for the cars to move on them during winter. 
  • Ask for a professional team to pressure-wash your driveway and keep it clean from snow and debris.

These small tasks can help maintain your property during the autumn season.

Maintain Pleasant Hill Rental Property with PMI Contra Costa CONTRA COSTA

Maintaining your Pleasant Hill property can be beneficial in securing your home against the hassles of winter cleanups. And for the best rental property maintenance, you can always put your trust in PMI Contra Costa CONTRA COSTA. 

Our professional property management teams are thoroughly trained to ensure you receive your property’s best home maintenance tips. All residents with PMI Contra Costa CONTRA COSTA benefits receive 24/7 maintenance coordination if you report your property repair issues online or through a quick phone call.

So are you ready for this year’s Autumn? Contact us for more details!