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Common Mistakes During Move-In and Move-Out Review

PMI Contra Costa - Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Both move-in and move-out report are extremely important for landlords and property managers alike. These reports should be thorough, detailed, and efficient to maximize profits and minimize issues with tenants. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when conducting these inspections. 

Move-in Report

When a new tenant moves in and the property has been hitherto in relatively good condition you might feel like letting some things slide on the move-in evaluation. The whole purpose of the move-in evaluation is to provide a detailed account of the property’s condition before the tenant has moved in. 

Going light on these reports is a common and potentially costly mistake. The more you have documented the better as anything you miss will be difficult to prove as damage after they move out.

Also, make sure that you don’t just document everything in writing by simply describing the damage. You should always take pictures, and videos of the property’s condition during the move-in evaluation.  

Move-out Report

While it might seem financially harmless, meeting with the tenant on the move-out review is one of the worst mistakes property owners and managers make. Ideally, move-out inspections should be done while the resident is away from the property so that it may be examined carefully and thoroughly without interruption.  

Another thing that property owners should avoid is giving their tenants any overt indication that their security deposit will be returned in full before seeing the results of a move-out review. 

Many tenants will eagerly try to push the owner into returning their security deposit in its entirety before the move-out evaluation is complete. They will be asking for a definitive date on when it will be returned to them. It is important not to commit to a specific date before the evaluation is over, otherwise, it can be much more difficult to withhold the deposit after the damage has been found.

On the other hand, one thing that you should be very open about is move-in/move out report by PMI Contra Costa. Full disclosure in this respect is not only courteous but also advantageous as it will help facilitate a much smoother transition with your tenants. An unannounced or poorly communicated move-out inspection can cause a great deal of confusion and potential unnecessary hostility from tenants.

Finally, never forget to document the cost of damages to the property. Every bit of damage that is documented is actionable information used to make deductions form the security deposit. 

Rental Property Inspections

Before conducting a move-out inspection it’s essential to perform routine rental property inspections throughout the tenant’s residency. Without performing the occasional rental property inspection, you could miss potential damages that will add up quickly and exceed the security deposit by the time they move out.

The idea is that it’s important to have an understanding of what to expect in terms of the condition of the property well before the tenant moves out

When Damage to the Property Is Found

When your property manager determines that the tenants have inflicted damage through the course of their inspection, you may have the right to withhold their security deposit. The key here is to separate damages from normal wear and tear.

While you can’t count a few nail holes for picture frames or small stains on the carpet as damage, things like broken mirrors and windows count. If the tenant has cracked a countertop or broken a smoke detector, you can take these costs out of their security deposit. 

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