Explore the Many Tastes of Lafayette!

Explore the Many Tastes of Lafayette!
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Lafayette is a small city located in Contra Costa County, California. Lafayette boasts of a rich history as a Spanish colony. The city boasts of a Mediterranean climate that varies between the seasons. So, whether you’re visiting Lafayette for the first time or looking for a vacancy to stay in, here are some tastes to explore in Lafayette.

1. Cajun Food Tours

Cajun Food Tours represents perhaps the best way to sample the unique flavors of Louisiana. You can choose from casual pace-walking to cozy bus tours to experience the history and learn the culture of the Cajun delights. Cajun Bus Tours exudes a unique taste, helping you enjoy the taste of Lafayette. In addition, these bus tours are driven by Acadiana’s rich history.

2. Vermilionville History Museum

Vermillionville is a 23-acre folklife park located along the banks of Vermillionville. This 23-acre historic park depicts the Native American cultures of the Creole and Acadian existing between 1765-1890. This historic village features a cooking school, gift shop, live music, and boat tours that will ultimately allow you to enjoy everything in Lafayette.

3. Cypress Lake

You can swing by the beautiful campus lake if you want to soak in the awe-inspiring views of South Louisiana’s unique landscapes and wildlife. Cypress Lake offers an uninterrupted view and picturesque fish, birds, turtle fish, trees, and alligators.

4. Po’boys

You’ll find a sandwich tied to almost everything during your visit to the United States. In Philadelphia, you’ll find cheesesteak, and the North will eat Reuben. However, when visiting Lafayette in Louisiana, you’ll find po’boys reigning as a sandwich delicacy.

Nearly all gas stations, diners, and restaurants will claim that they serve the best. What’s more, the po’boy comes in many different variations. Po’boy can include toasted French bread stuffed with crawfish, shrimp, catfish, and oysters. And exists in variations that include fried chicken, roasted beef, and pulled pork.

5. Avery Island

How will it be to visit the house of the TABASCO pepper brand? Well, Avery Island, located in Lafayette, Louisiana, is where doing things slow equals doing right. From the nature preserves inhabited by indigenous animals to South Louisiana’s bays and marshes, Avery Island proves TABASCO’s home-grown goodness at first glance.

6. Borden’s

Borden’s is perhaps the most recognized dairy brand in Louisiana, dating back to the 1800s. Borden has stood as Lafayette’s most iconic dairy house with its reputable Elsie the Cow Mascot.

The Lafayette’s outpost has been a mainstay since the 1940s and still serves old-fashioned scoops, sodas, yogurt, malt, and shakes. The Borden’s is indisputably the perfect ending to a good trip down in Lafayette.

7. Rock N Bowl

There’s no place quite like Rock N Bowl. Visitors love Rock N Bowl because it has become an overnight sensation with beautiful venues and entertainment hotspots.

Rock N Bowl boasts three major amenities: a full-service restaurant, games, and 16-lane bowling. However, the main highlight of Rock N Bowl is music. Rock N Bowl delivers live music from Wednesday till Sunday, allowing you to sample the flavor of this touristic destination.

8. Blue Moon Saloon

Blue Moon Saloon is Louisiana’s premier hotspot for roots music. Blue Moon Saloon welcomes people of all sizes and shapes and offers unlimited entertainment in a warm and welcoming venue. Blue Moon Saloon is more than a gig or a venue. It’s a place where community organizations, world travelers, politicians, artists, and families dance, drink and rub elbows.

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