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How Property Management In Lafayette CA Increases Renters

PMI Contra Costa - Monday, February 15, 2021
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Getting more renters for your Lafayette, CA, can be a challenging proposition. Whether you're just starting out as a property investor or are a seasoned veteran in the real estate business, you know that attracting rental applicants is a complex endeavor. Finding qualified, rent-paying tenants requires a bit more than a well-placed ad. And sometimes, with all of the other operational tasks you manage as a property owner, vacancies can go on longer than they should. One sure-fire way to secure more and better quality tenants for your Lafayette vacancy is with a property management partnership. Today, we’ll highlight just how beneficial having a property manager can be for increasing your applicant pool and your bottom line.

A Better Pre-Screening Process

A local, professional property management firm can be an incredible asset to your pre-screening process. Applicants may come in droves, but finding the right renter requires a thorough vetting strategy. While you may already have a process in place, it’s easy to overlook steps when you’re in a time crunch or are facing too many vacancy days. A Lafayette, CA, rental property manager can oversee your outlined pre-screening process and make sure to call all the references, check credit history, and follow through on past rental history verification.

A Robust Marketing Strategy

Marketing your rental property vacancy is only half of the marketing equation. Your investment business requires a brand identity, too. Your marketing strategy should be ongoing beyond the immediate need of a vacancy. To increase renters and develop a multi-channel plan, a property management partner can help. From social media ads and creating walk-through videos to attending a Lafayette business networking lunch, a property manager can ensure your marketing efforts are consistent and ongoing to reduce the number of vacancy days between renters.

A Market Knowledgeable Lafayette, CA, Professional

When you partner with a property management company like PMI CONTRA COSTA, you’ll have professional Lafayette expertise in your corner. A great property manager knows the market well, including marketable amenities, commuting distances, and neighborhood nuances. This knowledge matters when you’re trying to increase renters for your properties. Understanding how to attract the most applicants to the Lafayette area can increase your pool of potential tenants significantly.

Referral Cultivation Masters

Another key channel for finding and securing new rentals is by word of mouth and referrals. Having a property manager dedicated to grooming your pool of tenants will help you leverage those ever-important referrals. Because property managers are involved with your existing renters, they’re able to build and cultivate positive relationships. It’s those relationships that foster an environment of readily flowing testimonials and referral applicants.

Knowing Where to Find Renters

Increasing your renter pool means knowing where to find them. And a property management partner is an authority in knowing which sources and channels reach Lafayette, CA renters. You might be keen to some online listing sites or know which local associations are helpful in finding potential tenants. But the landscape is changing, and there are literally hundreds of sites attracting new renters. A dedicated rental property manager can keep a finger on the pulse of where to reach individuals, families, and retirees who might be interested in moving and keep your brand and vacancy postings visible.

There are countless benefits to investing in and working with a rental property manager. Increasing renters to your funnel may be one of the most essential. To explore what PMI CONTRA COSTA can do for your Lafayette rental property investment, give us a call. We can discuss your goals and efforts to devise the ideal strategy to find more renters, sign more leases, and improve your overall return on investment.

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