How to Attract More Renters for Your Concord Property

How to Attract More Renters for Your Concord Property
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Owning investment rental property is useless if you can’t find quality tenants to rent the property. The trick to finding quality tenants is to use the right marketing tactics to attract more interested applicants.

Try these tactics that professional property managers in Concord use to attract more renters and find the best tenants. Remember, you don’t want to just attract more renters. Your goal should be to attract more high-quality renters.

Update the Property

Tenants want to know that the living space is updated so that they don’t have to worry about appliances and other main elements of the home breaking. They’re also going to live in the home for an extended amount of time, so they want it to look beautiful.

Easy updates include paint in neutral colors, new functioning appliances, and fresh flooring. Outside you can update the home by revamping the landscaping and painting the exterior of the home.

Effective Online Advertising

It isn’t enough to place a sign in the yard and hope people see it. These days, people search online for a home to rent. You need to be where the majority of people are looking. This means listing your home on multiple real estate websites. It can also help to use social media to get the word out about your property.

Professional Photography

The first thing you need to do is invest in professional photography.  High-quality photos will make your listing stand out, engage potential renters, and showcase the most desirable aspects of your home.

Include a picture of the exterior of the home and several of the interior. Give potential renters enough to be curious and want to see the property in person.

Engaging Description

You need to provide a complete and engaging description of the property. Highlight the more desirable features for the renters in your area. If the property is in a family-friendly neighborhood, highlight its proximity to schools. If it’s close to business districts, highlight the short commute.

Price Your Property Correctly

Before you list your property, you need to do a rental analysis. Compare your property to other properties on the rental market that are comparable to yours. You want to price your home competitively enough to attract interest but not so low that you attract undesirable renters. Remember to account for highly desirable features that can boost your asking rental rate.

Hire a Property Management Company

Managing your rental property listings can be time-consuming as you should have several listing locations. The Concord property managers PMI Contra Costa CONTRA COSTA professional property management company can take the guesswork out of the entire process. Leverage their experience and knowledge to the local rental market to present your property in the best light, with the right price, and where potential renters are looking.

Treat Current Tenants Well

Renters talk to each other, and you have a reputation as a landlord. If you want to attract more quality renters, then you need to treat your current tenants well. As your reputation grows, you’ll attract more renters and more high-quality tenants.

You can be a desirable landlord by having an easy to understand lease agreement. Respond to tenant requests promptly. Communicate with your tenants and have clear policies when it comes to the rent and security deposit.

Get Assistance Marketing Your Property

If you’re looking to attract more renters to your rental properties, then it’s time to take the marketing of your properties seriously. Take a hard look at your Concord property and perform any necessary updates and renovations. Then have a professional photographer take compelling pictures. Use those images and a detailed description of the property to create property listings everywhere potential renters look.

Contact our team today and let us help you attract more renters for your property.