Tips for Spring Maintenance on Your San Ramon Property

Tips for Spring Maintenance on Your San Ramon Property
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Winter is fading away and the warm spring months are upon us. Now is the perfect time to try these rental tips for spring maintenance on your San Ramon property. With consistent care, you can retain property value and prevent expensive problems.

With the end of winter in sight, and warmer days making their appearance, it’s the perfect time to perform annual property maintenance. These rental tips for spring property maintenance will ensure that your rental property retains its value.

If you’ve hired a property management company in San Ramon, then you’re in luck, they’ll do it for you. However, if you’re managing your properties yourself, then you’ll need to arrange for these tasks to be done.

HVAC System Inspected

Spring is the perfect time to have the HVAC system inspected. This ensures that it’s in working order for the warmer summer months. It will also reduce the chance of the tenant making an emergency service call.

It’s best to hire a professional service to have a technician come out and service your system. The technician will start by checking for new damage that may have occurred during the winter months. They will then clean and prepare the unit for air conditioning.

The final step is to test the unit and have the duct filters changed. Any discovered leaks in the ductwork will get sealed.

Check the Roof and Gutters

Replacing the roof is a considerable investment and one that can easily be prevented with early maintenance. Start by taking a look at the roof for missing or loose shingles. You should also look for signs of moisture coming through the roof and into the attic.

It’s smart to hire a certified roofing professional to inspect the roof. You can leverage their experience to look for signs of leaks and damage. You can then have these small issues fixed before they become expensive problems.

While you’re at it, check and clean the gutters. They’re responsible for directing water away from the home. They need to be securely attached to the roof and clear of obstruction. This will enable them to do their job when spring and summer rains happen.

If the gutters are blocked or loose, then you’ll need to hire a contractor to clean and reattach the gutters to the house.

Check for Moisture Buildup

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies for your property. Signs of excess moisture can take the form of mold or mildew growing on the interior of the house. Check the windows and sills for cracking or splitting. Look in the attic for signs of leaks or pooling water. Investigate any musty smells in the home.

If you discover excess moisture, you may need to hire a cleaning company to remove the mold or mildew growth. You’ll also want to remove the excess moisture. This could be hiring someone to make repairs to the home or simply placing a dehumidifier in the home.

Revamp the Landscaping

The curb appeal of your property can make or break your ability to rent it out. You need to maintain the landscaping and outside of the property. Hire a landscaping company to spruce up the exterior of the property.

  • Prune the trees and bushes
  • Aerate, overseed, and fertilize the lawn
  • Pressure wash the sidewalk and driveway.
  • Paint the exterior of the home if necessary

If you know that your property is going on the rental market soon, it can be smart to plant some flowering perennials. This lush vegetation will add color and create a welcome atmosphere to the front of your property.

Hire a Property Manager to Maintain Your Property

As you can see, these rental tips for spring are a vital step in maintaining your property, but it can also be a time consuming one. While it can be tempting to ignore your San Ramon property management duties, this is a significant mistake.

Ignoring these tasks means they will continue to plague the property and will eventually become quite expensive to repair. It will then require more significant investment on your part and reduce your rental profits.

Contact our office today and let our team at PMI Contra Costa CONTRA COSTA help you maintain your rental property and maximize your investment.