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7 Things Renters Want Most In Martinez CA

PMI Contra Costa - Thursday, April 1, 2021
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As a rental property owner, you’re always looking for ways to attract new tenants to your Martinez rental property. One way to help target your efforts is to market the amenities your property has to offer that renters want most. Today, we’ll help by highlighting what the data suggests most renters want in today’s market. In addition to the fenced-in backyard or the first-floor laundry, these property perks tend to be the most important.

1. The First Search Criteria Is Location

Renters want a convenient location first, usually based on where they work or where their children go to school. When marketing your Martinez rental property, you can lead with your prime location. Consider promoting local events and attractions, as well as the school district and business opportunities. Be sure to include the short commuting distances, as well.

2. Safety and Security Matters

People want to know they’re living in a place that is safe and within a home that is secure. When marketing your Martinez rental property, talk about the benefits of a quiet neighborhood. Highlight why families enjoy the community, inspiring others to want to join. Be sure, too, when you highlight the features of your rental property that you include any details about any smart home security tech you have.

3. Appliances Included

According to many rental surveys, one of the property aspects tenants look for the most is the list of included appliances. Renters want the basics, but they also can be sold on extras, including a washer and dryer. If you offer additional appliances as part of your move-in ready opportunity, be sure to include those details in your marketing efforts.

4. Renters Appreciate Upgrades and Renovations

If you’ve invested in your Martinez rental property and made significant upgrades, don’t be afraid to include those upgrades in your advertising. Renters want to hear about renovations that suggest newer or more modern amenities. Updates are always appreciated and can be the determining factor to a renter looking to choose between an upgraded and non-upgraded rental.

5. Parking Is Almost Always on the Checklist

It may sound trivial, but many of the analytics suggest people want to know about parking availability. Consider including your property’s private parking, carport, or garage features. Private alley access can be a benefit, as well. Whatever your parking situation may be, include it in your marketing messaging.

6. Positive Landlord Experiences

When people look for new rental opportunities, they usually start with a checklist of must-haves. Once they’re able to narrow that search down to a few options, it’s then that they look for landlord experiences. Renters want a positive engagement with a landlord and property owner. They want to know problems will be addressed quickly, and communications flow easily both ways. To attract new renters, consider leveraging any positive reviews online or references. Promote how important tenant satisfaction is to your operations, and you’ll likely receive more interest.

7. Pet-Friendly Opportunities

One of the most popular online rental property searches, according to many sources, includes pet-friendly details. Pet permissions may not be for everyone, but if you’re open to pets, it’s an amenity you must include in your marketing message. Even if you have restrictions about pet sizes or guidelines for pet deposits and requirements, advertise your Martinez rental property as pet-friendly and see the renter interest increase.

If you need help crafting a marketing strategy that captures all of these features to speak to what renters want most, contact PMI CONTRA COSTA. We can help you leverage all the best characteristics of your Martinez rental property and ensure you’re continuously attracting quality tenant prospects.

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