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Increasing Profits With Concord Property Management

PMI Contra Costa - Friday, April 30, 2021
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There are countless benefits for Concord rental property owners who partner with property management services. One of the most significant is the increased profits and bottom-line ROI. If you’re still managing your portfolio alone, you may be wondering how partnering with a professional can really help, especially when it involves seeing actual results. Today, we’ll outline just how impactful a Concord property management partnership, especially with PMI CONTRA COSTA, can be to your ROI.

Improve Your Pre-Screening Process with Property Management

One area of improvement you can expect to see results in is with your pre-screening process. Potential renters apply, and then you’re faced with the laundry list of tedious vetting. Having Concord property management means having a professional who can be diligent in following through with every step, including verifying employment and calling past landlords. This thorough and reliable process ensures every tenant you engage with a lease agreement is less risky. Quality renters will always impact your bottom line in the long term.

Streamline Rent Collection with Property Management

Collecting rent might be one of your most important tasks as a rental property owner. But if you’re still chasing down payment or only dealing with cash and checks, you definitely can see benefits with a property management partnership. Have a dedicated manager representing your interests, exploring digital payment options, and following through with reminders.

A Concord property manager’s job is to adhere to your timelines and terms, meaning you won’t miss a step in collecting rent. Getting your revenue in a timely manner is key. But you’ll also have someone who can help explore opportunities to incorporate incentives for early and on-time payments. And you’ll have a professional on board to help assess late fees and adhere to your terms for potential eviction.

Develop and Implement Your Marketing Strategy

How much time are you currently spending with your marketing, networking, and advertising? If your answer is “too much” or “not enough,” it’s time to consider a property manager partnership. You may not have the time necessary or resources required to take attractive photos of your rental, create engaging walkthrough videos, and cross-post vacancy listings across various sites. But your PMI CONTRA COSTA property manager does. 

Tap into the extensive knowledge our professionals have when it comes to understanding the Concord market and developing marketing campaigns that attract new renters. With a robust marketing strategy, you can expect to see an influx of quality tenants, and you’ll experience fewer days of vacancies, all while growing your brand and area reputation.

Reduce Costs with Contractor & Maintenance Management

Calling a plumber for an emergency can be costly. But if you have working relationships with your contractors for seasonal maintenance calls and ongoing emergency responses, you can see reduced costs. And for those rental property owners who may not have time to build contractor relationships with inspectors, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, or HVAC technicians, a Concord property manager can help. 

A professional manager can groom ongoing partnerships and negotiate better rates for services. You’ll also have someone on top of your seasonal maintenance schedules as a proactive measure for protecting your investment. Saving money with every call and preserving your property’s condition both contribute to increased profits.

If increased profit is your goal this year, consider working with a professional who can help. At PMI CONTRA COSTA, our primary focus is assisting Concord rental property owners in seeing more return on their investments. And we tap into every facet of operations to find areas of improvement. Connect with us today to explore how much more revenue you could be seeing with your Concord area property.

Free Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay